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Shetland Kale Seed from the Croft at Aister!

Shetland Kale Seed from the Croft at Aister!

We are pleased to launch our newest product - Shetland Kale Seed from our very own Croft in Aister!   It's taken a while to get the seeds planted, grown, collected, dried, harvested and then properly tested and approved but at last we can start selling and indeed planting our own seeds! 

The packet label was designed and drawn by our Daughter - Kayleigh - isn't it smart?!

Here's the low down on Shetland Kale:

It’s a type of cabbage that’s native to Shetland – we’ve grown it for 100’s of years!  
It’s a super food for our young sheep that are in the byre all winter or maybe a ewe or ram that are outside that need a boost.

You can eat Shetland Kale on it's own as part of your '5 a day'.  Or for us Shetlander's it’s the perfect addition for our traditional Reestit Mutton soup which is made from older sheep’s meat.

The meat is placed in a salt brine for 2-3 weeks, then it’s hung up and dried (preferably over a peat fire to let the smoke flavour it),  then it's boiled until the meat falls off the bone, then add local tatties, neeps, Shetland Kale and carrots and boil until the veg are cooked. Delicious!

Order online and get growing your own!

Shetland Kale






Aister 'oo' goes to Edinburgh!

Aister 'oo' goes to Edinburgh!

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