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Brindister Slipover by Rachel Hunter - Shetland Wool Adventures Journal Vol. 04

Using our lovely Aister 'oo', this Brindister Slipover was designed by Rachel Hunter @riggiesknitdesign
The Brindister Slipover is inspired by Rachel's memories of “gyaan tae da paets” (going to the peat hill) in the early 1980’s when Rachel was a “young lass”, with her mum, dad and sister. Their peat bank was near the Brindister loch, which is about a 10-minute drive from Lerwick.
Rachel says she remembers that many allover Fair Isle gansies, particularly those made in the isles of Burra and Whalsay, had vertical motifs and were very fashionable at the time.
To build on the “retro” vibe for this slipover, Rachel has used the contrasting colours of turquoise and a dark, peaty brown from Aister ‘oo’.
Included in the kit is :
2x Bessaquoy 50g
2x Islesview* 50g
*Please note, Rachel’s pattern calls for Boitan 100g but due to availability, Islesview 100g has been substituted.

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