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Da Fence Hill Gloves Kit


Designed by Emily Poleson as part of the Shetland Hogmanay Box 2022 by Anne Frost this pattern is just beautiful!

These colours are the very essence of one of the sheep hills where we grazed our sheep. The Shumire (or Fence Hill) common grazing is several hundred hectares in size and there are hundreds of sheep grazing there.  The sheep mix together and then the Crofters all go to gather the sheep together and put them in a specially made enclosure- Cro or Pund.  The sheep are then managed with whatever their needs are (shearing/medicine/foot trim/etc) and then released back to the hill.

This kit contains yarn to knit your own pair of gloves and a paper copy of the pattern is included.

Staiked Stumba 50g

Forsan 25g

Shumire 25g

Runties Geo 25g

Bessaquoy* 25g


*Please note, Emily Poleson’s pattern calls for Stourascroo 25g but due to availability, Bessaquoy 25g has been substituted.







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