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Taing Fair Isle Socks - Shetland Wool Adventures Journal - Vol. 04

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Using our lovely Aister 'oo', these socks were designed by Janette Budge.
Janette says: 'The inspiration began with the colours of Aister ‘oo’ yarn, combined with my first visit to Fair Isle – I was lucky the weather was bright for the whole four days!
The blues are reminiscent of looking through the sea at a sandy geo; the rich dark brown, of the seaweed.
Taing is a place in Fair Isle, meaning a point of land in Old Norse and found in different forms across Shetland, all linked to the sea.
The motifs chosen spoke strongly of the traditional Fair Isle patterns seen in the museum on the isle.
The colours are:
Bessaquoy 75g
Catpund 25g
Nortower 25g
Nort Blue Geo 25g
Islesview* 25g
*Please note, Janette’s pattern calls for Sooth Blue Geo 25g but due to availability, Islesview 25g has been substituted. There is no pattern included when  purchasing the kit, you can find the pattern in the Journal.

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